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We understand the mission of Community Banking Institutions – the commitment to provide support and exceptional service to its customers on a personal level, and the genuine desire to make a positive impact in the communities you serve.

NFM Lending Partners team of experts are proud to deliver a portfolio of enhanced lending solutions with superior service, ever-persisting innovation, and an aggressive dedication to compliance that allows you to help fulfill the commitment to your customers and empower the communities you serve.

Contact us to discuss NFM Lending Partners’ Private Label and Partner Select origination channels to determine which option is right for your Financial Institution today.

NFM Lending Partners is an approved lender for the following government entities:

Private Label

By joining NFM Lending Partners Private Label, you will enjoy access to our complete portfolio of lending products and services, with the option of capitalizing on additional in-house service options, through our non-delegated origination channel. Contact us for more information today to determine if the Private Label solution is right for you.

Partner Select

Our Partner Select solution gives you access to our complete portfolio of lending solutions through the wholesale and non-delegated origination channels. Contact us for more information today to determine if the Partner Select solution is right for you.

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