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General Documents
Acknowledgment of Delivery for LE, SSPL & Intent to Proceed
Appraisal Authorization Form
Disclosure of 3rd Parties to Loan Transaction
Anti Steering Loan Disclosure
Anti-Steering Loan Disc – How to Complete
Borrower Credit Explanation
Closing Fee Sheet & CD Request
COC for LE or CD Form
Credit Inquiry Letter
Doc Stacking Order
FHA Sponsorship Request Form
Gift Letter
Income Calc Worksheet
Intent to Proceed
Loan Submission & Lock Request Form
MI Job Aid
Minimum Document Requirements – Conv Loans
Minimum Document Requirements – Govt Loans
Net Tangible Benefit Form
New Vendor Approval Request Form
Residual Income Calculator
Rework of Qualifying Terms Request
Settlement Service Provider List
SSA-89 Form
VA Sponsorship Request Form
Verbal VOE Form
Written VOE
Correspondent Partnership Package – Community Banks
Correspondent Partnership Package – Credit Unions
Wholesale Partnership Package – Community Banks
Wholesale Partnership Package – Credit Unions

FHA Documents
Condo Questionnaire – FHA full
Condo Questionnaire – Individual Unit Standard Review
FHA Amendatory Clause Disc
FHA Case Number Request Form
FHA Case Txfr Request Form
FHA Downgrade to Manual Underwrite Checklist
FHA Id of Interest Disc
FHA Informed Consumer Choice Disc
FHA Rate Term Refi Loan Calc
FHA Streamline Max LA and NTB
FHA Streamline Quick Reference Job Aid
Hotel and Transient Use of Property Disc
How to Complete 92900A – pgs 1 and 2
HUD 92541
HUD 92544
HUD Appraised Value Disc
Notice to Homeowner Disc

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